Email marketing is a direct form of online marketing. A company has the opportunity to send its advertising material directly to its target group, provided the recipient has consented. This cost-effective variant as compared to print advertising is an important marketing tool for companies, preferably online stores. This is illustrated by the annual increase in commercial advertising budgets for this sector. Newsletters are the classic form of email marketing.

How to develop an email campaign

In order to spark the reader’s interest, especially the introductory sentences of the writing must be convincing. This is the only way to prevent the reading process from being interrupted. Attention is the highest after opening the newsletter and decreases with every additional line. The procedure is different in print copy. Suspense can be built up to the end of the letter. The content should be kept brief and formulated personally. Division into sub-sections facilitates reading and keeps the receiver in a good mood.

The subject line plays a special role. If it does not succeed in sparking the recipient’s interest in the content, the campaign has missed its targets. The mailing schedule should be sensible. A flood of information and too long of a time gap between newsletters are equally disadvantageous. A separate cover letter for different target groups would be recommendable to convey the desired information even more specifically.

Thorough evaluation cannot be dispensed with to ensure a continuous improvement of the newsletters. If the planned goals have been missed, the cause needs to be established.

The mailing time should also be included in the planning of the email campaign. Is it better to send an email in the morning? Is it more likely for the target group to read emails on weekends? Although these questions cannot be answered clearly, they can be defined in advance and then subsequently optimized through testing.

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