CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the right approach for companies that are looking into consolidating their marketing and sales operations while offering quality customer service. Markable Solutions offers an extensive range of CRM database management services that help clients leverage their CRM solution and meet their customer relationship management goals. We help companies with CRM selection, implementation, training, tools integration, lead management and CRM Database Validation /Cleansing. We have an experienced team that can effortlessly manage different CRMs including, Oracle CRM, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

We help clients side-step CRM challenges such as:

CRM brings companies closer to their customers. There are many CRM database management services available in the marketplace and choosing the right solution for your business can sometimes be challenging. Markable Solutions has five tips for selecting the best CRM for your company:

It is crucial that you aware of some of the major causes leading to CRM implementation failure.

No matter how easy a software looks, it’s always a good idea to get some professional help – especially if you have limited resources. Markable solutions not only offers CRM implementation and management services, but also CRM consultation services to help you select the best CRM for your business.

Average Price : $10(USD) per Month

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