Android which was initially launched by Android INC and later on Google bought Android in 2005. Android is now known as one of the most used smartphone platforms. There are a lot of reasons for users for using Android devices. Very first and most important is that it is Linux based and expedites easily to a rich development environment. Looking at the increase in Android users, Android developers got a good chance to develop different apps for different industry like online shopping, business directories, social networking apps, etc.
Greenusys Technology is always updated with all the latest technologies and tools, thus they started providing android app development service at a very early stage. We have now a team of highly skilled android developers who have extensive experience in android app development. Experience of designing and developing over 150 android apps have given us the confidence to develop any difficult or complex android apps.
To develop an android app, Our Android app development team is using tools like Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL API, Location API, Android Multimedia API, SQL Lite Database and 3D Graphics.

Why Choose Greenusys Technology for Android App Development.

Android app development services include:

Starting Price : $250(USD)

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